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Do you hear her hooOOOWling? ULULA!

June 6th, 2024 · Keine Kommentare

The 36-part Italian Fumetti series ULULA was published monthly from October 1981 to August/September 1984 by Renzo Barbieri’s Edifumetto label (the one with the shark logo). There was also an anthology (1984) and two supplements “I depravati di Manila” (1983) and “Buona carne in scatola” (1984). The Spanish version was published by Ediciones Zinco in the series […]

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Renzo Barbieri’s birth year – what is really true?

May 26th, 2022 · Keine Kommentare

I’m just reading the article about the Fumetti PIG in Gutter Hunter #2 by Robin Bougie, and stumble upon the name Renzo Barbieri. Well, PIG comes from the house of Ediperodici by Giorgio Caredon. But I have published an article on my website about the founder of Edifumetto Renzo Barbieri.And I noticed the year of […]

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